“Life brings you whatever experience is most needed for the blossoming of the soul to happen!”

Such precious lesson was presented to me tonight, and perfectly in tune with this weeks theme in yoga class – Humbleness.

During yoga class this evening, after a while, the door bell was ringing and kept on ringing several times after the first time. It made me to break out class, and open the door for people who were imagined to come for Mindfulness class – which was cancelled…

Empatizing with the next person I need to send Home again, realizing she travelled all the way Here for a moment of peace, I suddenly hear myself saying: “I could serve a meditation class if you wish…”

Huh? I heard another voice inside of me at the same time: did I just offered an unprepared class????

That is One of my main Waaah! moments – to teach without preperation at all (?!) Especially for people who could have some kind of expectation or something to compare it with. Like Now.

Feeling totally Green in compair with their usual teacher, and completely nakedly humbling to what the moment just brought me, I start connecting with people who opened their Minds for a new experience then their expected Mindfulness class. 

Then I took place in front of them and there and then Grace happened… What was Being said, was just flowing through me. And it opened us for such wonderfull moment in Stillness together.

We were spontaneously taken from Mindful – to Heartful đź’› And opening our Selves to the present moment. Such fulfillment by itself.

My Heart is overflowing in gratitude for this moment. For these beautiful Beings. And the humble lesson they taught me by their presence. Thank You!



OPENHEARTEDLY ~ Same old songs and new beginnings

“It’s the same old song. But with a different meaning. Since you been gone…”. ~ Einstein

This trying, it is so persistent. It seems like trying to resolve an issue that doesn’t even exist.
Thoughts are repeating over and over again. Like a vinyl played by an old fashioned music player, stuck by the needle.

And now I’m sick and tired of listening this same damn old song.
Was I fully enjoying it out loud at first, now I’m almost craving for a new, fresh tune…
“DJ please play me some music!”
While I hear myself asking this, immediatly this question arises:
All righty babe, just tell me: Which One?”

[ DOWN ]

Good question.
What song is it I wish to play?
Or maybe more: What is it that is ready to be played right now?
And to be honest, on the whole: could there be any wishful thinking here actually?
This is where the needle stucks…

In this deliberation, it becomes an infinite consideration of like this’ & like that’s’ or so and so’s  and what about the following’s.
The more I try to get to the point of the why about this stuck needle, which took away my rhytm and the what of the potential new song to be played. The more the ticking and scratching of the needle on the vinyl is now becoming an annoyance of noise in my both ears. Which is litteraly making me running the head against the wall.

“Please do me a favour, STOP IT?!”

Hmmm, to whom am I asking this question, I’m suddenly wondering.
Who is the cause of this noise, really?
Who am I not just picking up the needle?
Leaving that song and the player for real…


“Wake Up Babe! this song is waiting for new beginnings! Just listen…”


Wake Up

“Gotta Wake up Gotta Wake Up
Gotta Wake up Gotta Wake Up

Where do you go when you get to the end of a dream just to find you need another
Where do you look to find the strength
Looking out at the concrete jungle
Bars on the window, too many people
Something’s gotta give, something more

This ain’t me
This ain’t right
Playing a puppet in another’s life
Gotta find me, and set her free
I’m thinking

Hey, where do I belong
Is this my home
I feel like an alien

Taking stock in all I got
On paper it reads I’m right on track, but my heart is singing
“Something More”
Gotta go far away, try a whole new life
Take a holiday
Turn it upside down and see just how I land

Hey where do I belong
Is this my home
I feel like an alien

Hey, where do I belong
Gotta wake up and do something Strong

There’s a call to explore, I just can’t ignore

Gotta Wake up Gotta Wake Up
Gotta Wake up Gotta Wake Up
Wake Up, Wake Up, Wake up.”

~ Spring Groove

Listen to this beautiful song and – Wake Up