“She creates from a space of Love & Trust, and the Mind doesn’t understand…”

Love over War

They made Her realize what Love is. By looking the way they live Life and take it for granted. Working their buds off in frustration and head-aches. Convincing them Selves that hard work in this way, will pay off. And that it’s meant to be that way. Even wanting Her to act that way too!!

She felt Love’s presence filled up by these words. And how it wasn’t allowed to be shared, as fear & judgement overruled the place. Causing a war! 

‘Why Am I in war’, She questioned the situation?

So She tries and ask Them. She tried to open more, showing more Love, using more words to try and making Them See it, Feel it… To make them Understand there’s a choise to Live a Life in Love or in War – to work from the Heart in Love & Trust, instead of out of fear which makes work ‘hard’.

And suddenly She saw: she choose to be in war by creating the conditions to be in this space. She just had to be there and then and it happened. By Being herself She triggered their Heart strings, and that is a No-Go territory for as long as She remembered.

Today She realized She would never win this war, by trying to make it stop. Trying harder and harder to change the point of view of some One else who was not willing to See. To See Her. To just See… In the contrary, they let her know how Her presence even was the whole meaning of the war. You are Here, and it is war. She is War!

She realized She could never be responsable for how they felt, nor for understanding Her. Even though She was longing for this all of Her Life. This even made Her wanting to be like Them when She was younger – as that felt so much easier.                        Though up to today it was just not happening. On the contrary, as She just no longer couldn’t be other then Self. And the more She is her Self, the more distance She felt between Them. And that breaks her Heart… 

This war between Them and Her made her Heart cry today. Not out of greave or Self pity this time. This time Love & Compassion pored out of Her eyes and Heart. Releasing Her of a war She could never win. And never again had too either. That realization made her smile and cry and opened Her by the Love She felt for Them. 

Oh my goodness! She no longer had too! She let go there and then by chosing Love over War. Grateful that She had a choise!

Today She Left the War in Love for Them and most of all in the Love for One Self ❤️

With Love Always,                                     Esmeralda


A song about the Goddess of Zelda reminds me of our own path we have to follow… In Love, Light & Compassion for every One.

“Oh Youth, Guided by the servant of the goddess, unite earth and sky, and bring light to the land. 

Oh youth, show me the two whirling sails the way to the Light Tower…and before you a path shall open, and a heavenly song you shall hear.”

OPENHEARTEDLY ~ Becoming a Woman

“Just look, and See how I do it, He said to me.”

And He was right. Today I realize the Truth radiating through these words. Which were not pointing towards the acting in the exact same way as He did, becoming a copy of Him, but to the realization of the Self in both of Us.

To See that what He does, is a representation of Living a Life in complete Trust in no-thing then One Self and acting according to this Truth. Living His story in His creation of Self.

To try and fit in a form other then the Self is just not meant to be. Even if this form is created & available out of Love 💛 In our case we both probabely have tried to let it Be that way.

I realize that He as well, wasn’t aware of the true message of the words that were spoken to me again and again, when Life was wanting me to See – to See my Self mirrored through Him, and at the same time to learn that what I Am not. And that what I Am is beyond form – formless flowing in & out of Heart. Creating imaginary forms through the Mind, as a remembrance of Self beyond and with form.

His words suddenly appeared very clear this morning as I was contemplating what it could be that caused an error between us. And there and then while sipping a tea in the morning sun it came to me.

I was hiding my Self behind His creation of form, so that I didn’t have to See and to stand up for my Self. Who is far greater, lighter and formless then I could ever imagine Now. Which mainly means, I shall stand up as a Woman – a grown up little girl who is leaving uncertainty & fear behind. To Live openly, shining Her bright authentic light into the world. And that is…scary!!!

No Longer walking away, but walking Her way! Which by no means nobody, including She will exactly know what form it will take. Guided by Trust and nothing more then the feeling of Self.

Today She realized His words, and at that very moment Grace turned Her little girl into a grownup woman 💛


Jo tho prem – Ajeet Kaur

“Jo tho prem khelan ka chao. Sir dar talee ghalee meree aao.

– If you Wish to play the game of love, bring your head to me on the palm of your hand.”

It’s a way of saying to surrender your intellect and your ego and let your heart rule your life. Beautiful! ❤️

Stroomt ’t niet?

Gisteren zo’n mooie ervaring met twee stromende vrouwen in het water. Het deed me een groots besef hoe de kracht van water ons helpt in stroming te blijven en weer te komen met het Leven.

Wanneer het niet meer stroomt, doordat de energiestroom wordt geblokkeerd in het lichaam (zich uitend in verkramping, spier spanningen, emotionele blokkades (dit voel je als geen zin, geen energie, deprie buien), dan is dit het grootste signaal om weer te gaan voelen. Voelen wat er diep van binnen om aandacht vraagt.

Op het moment dat ‘het’, dat wij niet in staat bleken te horen, zich vastzet in het lichaam, dan zijn we al vele signalen te ver door gelopen. Het lichaam creëert ziekte, blokkades om van zich te laten horen… “Hallo, is daar iemand? Ik ben Hier! Hallo, Hallo…”.

Het verdriet, de angst, de woede die er achter zit, is hetgeen dat we voorbij lopen en geen aandacht krijgt in ons. Het is de stem van onze diepste IK 💛

Emoties gaan stromen – energie komt in beweging, waardoor jij weer kan stromen.

Stroomt het niet? Aguahara en Esmeralda helpen je hierbij, om in de stroom van het water te H-resetten door weer Samen te Stromen in Stilte 💙

Meer weten?

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Is it True? 
I’m asking this question very regularly lately, in search for confirmation about what I feel is right… Though, along this journey of revealing the Truth of Who I Am, and experiencing the core of existence – the Heart of Being – this question seems to be more and more irrelevant. The Heart just Knows what is right, and I can no longer ignore it’s calling. So in between the Mind’s questioning and questioning, in the Heart, Life is just flowing. Revealing every moment as a continuous miracle – a fresh and new beginning.

So beyond the questioning, actually there never really is a question. In trusting That I Am, I can only just follow this voice of the Heart and opening to where ever it may lead me… 

Are you ready to follow That what FEELS right? 

I Am!

#CultivatingSatya.                #Truthfulness                                     #Trust.                                       #IAmThatIAm              #AliceinWonderland   

Monday Meditation Hour – June – The Healing Power of Sound

This Months’ Monday Meditation Hour is exploring the Healing Power of Sound guided by Deepak Chopra’s the Soul of Healing Meditation 
This meditation is exploring the therapeutic power of sound through – The Healing Hymns of The Rig Veda (one of oldest scriptures of India)-.

Please find the whole Meditation here:

In this hauntingly beautiful audio experience, Deepak Chopra explores the therapeutic power of sound. The Vedas (“sacred teachings”) are an ancient and vast collection of Sanskrit hymns and prayers, passed orally from generation to generation as eternal truths about the nature of life and of the universe. One of the oldest scriptures of India, The Rig Veda, praises the gods, the elements, and the bounty of the earth. Beginning with the hymn of creation and ending with the hymn of immortality, Deepak Chopra takes listeners on an unforgettable journey through the vast expanse of consciousness.

It’s a guided meditation going through three fases:

Shifting awareness – inducing healing effects by quieting inner dialogue and practising love, forgiveness, pure intention.


– Awareness to breath.                             – Awareness of the Heart – cultivating Love, gratitude, pure intention.               – Sublimating grieve, resentment into Forgiveness.   

Heart as reflection of Light of your Soul.                                                       Practising:

– Imagining point of Light pulsating in the Heart as the Light of your Soul.       – Qualities of the Soul: Love, Knowingness, Bliss – Sat, Chit, Ananda.  – Sending Light into physical organs to induce healing effects in the body
Soul of Healing Meditations – The Healing Hymns of The Rig Veda

– Awareness in your whole body on level of Being – in every cel of your body – healing in every cel of your body, consciousness, bliss, love, knowingness in every cel of your body – Infinite potentiality in every cel of our body – Sat, Chit, Ananda.           – Healing Hymns from Rig Veda

Join us in this sacred gathering tonight ❤


Price:                                                        Single class € 10,–                                Seasonal pass: € 97,50   (3 months, once a week)

Address:                                            Centrum Bezielen.                               Batavierenstraat 15-35, Rotterdam