Despacito – poquito, poquito – suave suavecito – pasito, pasito…

Despacito – poquito, poquito – suave suavecito – pasito, pasito…

This song is surrounding me everywhere here in Mexico. And just a word like despacito (read: slowly) reminds me once again how relevant this is. Not only when I’m rushed. Actually it is to be applied in every moment in life. 
After a day fully taken down by an overstimulation of the senses and nervous system (read my former post in Dutch), I need to admit that this only remedy is doing the trick. 

After 1 day of being at home, no expectations of myself, letting go of any need to have to do something. Resting in this exhaustian of the body. Watching the strong thought patterns about this happening, while at the same time being the witness of all these different phenomena. It made me realize I’m completely not in control of how things are experienced in this presence. Yet, I can descern wether it is a genuine spontaneous and natural happening or if the mental body and emotional body are making up their own reality.

Entering the bodies

Yes, this is interesting right? Speaking about these different bodies. It is endlessly fascinating if you dive into this inner knowledge, and getting to know the more subtle layers of what you are build off. Once you know this, it is like you are stepping into a more vast space where resilience start to exist and where you see yourself from a way more expansive perspective.

To be in touch with the depth within, is getting to feel these different parts of yourself by just slowing down…  Feeling into what is actually alive in this moment around you, and more over, inside of you. 

Doing what you love slowly

Yesterday there was this momentum of recognising that the outside activities, travelling and the change of environment, and new experiences had an effect on how I feel. And that it can feel pretty overwhelming. I used to avoid these kind of circumstances in the past. But I found out that with this I was closing myself off for Life. For things that I actually really like. Like last couple of days: visiting friends, seeing amazing architecture and new environments, meeting new people, tasting new flavors and feeling into new sensations and phenomena. Yes, I had to take a day to recharge my system and be with the feeling of uncomfort and draine. But would this mean I shouldn’t do this next time? 

Well, I could do that. But this is not what I want. I know my system quite well nowadays and I know what it needs to harmonize and release again. And the more I experience these moments I see that in basis it all comes back to this one phrase – despacito – poquito, poquito – Suave, suavecito – pasito, pasito (which means: Slowly – little by little – softly – step by step).

In reverse

Just little by little. By slowing down. Reversing your pace and attention back to this present moment and inwards, you’ll find a homebase to always come back to in peace and calm. And just by taking it slow, you will feel by yourself how the pace will increase again naturally. Trust in the natural rhytm of nature, the rhytm that springs forth from the Self, from the depth of your Heart. Trust in that….That’s all. 

Nothing magical. 

Tools to release & recharge

There are many different tools that can help like yoga, meditation, being in nature, and surrounding yourself in softness and loving Oneself. Anything that will allow the release of tention, contraction and come to a state of natural relaxation.

But in general I would advocate just – take it despacito! Always ­čśś

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